Case Study

Vaginal Rejuvenation

For a number of reasons, including the natural course of aging, child birth or even weight gain, vaginal relaxation can occur. Often this change is accompanied by a loss of sexual gratification because there is less friction during intercourse. With vaginal rejuvenation we make the canal tighter or smaller according to each woman’s desires.

For example, my patient in this case study had two children delivered vaginally. She was recently remarried and, although the couple had an intimate relationship, the pleasure factor was lessened due to the size of her husband’s penis and her vaginal stretching from her vaginal deliveries. Since her surgery, the intimacy of their sexual relationship has been greatly enhanced, making them physically more compatible.

With procedures like vaginal rejuvenation, women are now able to improve their own desires and sexual gratification, including the gratification of their partners.

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