Just as no two women are alike, parts of our body may appear unbalanced or asymmetrical. Many women have one labia larger than the other. When a patient suffers from embarrassment or loss of self esteem due to asymmetric labia, labiaplasty is often considered a good option!

Congenital conditions, such as asymmetric labias, are those conditions that have been present in an individual since birth. Congenital conditions can be either hereditary or caused by environmental factors.

A consultation is a meeting where patients can discuss their health issues and concerns with their doctor. Often treatment options and procedures are evaluated. All consultations at NewWoman™ Canada are treated with strict confidentiality.

Cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery is normally an elective surgery to change physical features or improve appearance.

A sexual organ located above the vaginal entrance. the clitoris is covered by a hood or membrane at the inner lips of the vulva. The clitoris plays an important role in bringing pleasure to a woman, and is often important in allowing a woman to experience orgasm.

A surgical incision made in the perineum (area between the vagina and the anus) during some vaginal childbirths.

Male and female sex organs are referred to as the genitals or genitalia.

A doctor that specializes in the female reproductive system.

Part of a woman’s physical and is recommended to be performed on a regular basis. These exams include pap smears in which the vagina is opened with a speculum and the cervix is swabbed. Pap smears can detect cervical and ovarian cancers. During a gynecological exam, gynecologists can also detect other problems such as ovarian cysts and endometriosis.

An area on the front of the vagina. When stimulated, the G-spot can cause women to come to orgasm and sometimes ejaculate. For some women, stimulating the G Spot creates a more intense orgasm than clitoral stimulation.

See G Spot.

The inner and outer lips of a woman’s vulva.

The outer lips of the vulva.

The inner lips of the vulva.

Also called labia minor reduction, or labial reduction. This involves surgery of the labia majora or labia minora of the vulva (part of the female genitalia).

The muscle between the vagina and the anus.

A procedure designed to tighten the perineal muscles at the opening of the vagina. In some women, this surgery is all that is required when they are considering vaginoplasty.

A small area found on both males and females. It is located between the anus and the genitals. In men, the perineum extends from the anus to below the testicles. In women it extends from the anus to the vaginal opening.

Is composed of cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery. These surgeries are performed in order to repair or restore body parts to look normal, or to change a body part to look better.

Is performed in order to repair or restore body parts to look or perform normally.

A doctor whose specialty combines gynecology and urology. Urogynecologists combine expertise in treating women’s reproductive systems with that of treatment of the urinary tract. For information about urinary incontinence, bladder problems, or vaginal prolapse problems visit:

Part of the female sex organs, the vagina is the muscular canal leading to the uterus.

Also known as vaginoplasty, is a popular procedure that strengthens vaginal muscle tone and control to enhance sexual gratification.

Is performed for a number of reasons. It can be for functional or medical reasons as well as for aesthetic reasons. Whenever a woman is selecting to have vaginal surgery, she should always consult a gynecologist or urogynecologist that specializes in the required procedure.

The external female genitalia. It includes the “lips” or folds of skin (labia minora and labia majora), clitoris, and the openings to the urethra and vagina.

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