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Coffee enters the new health club, or does it?

Once upon a time, coffee was the bad boy of the class who caused palpitations and ruined a night’s sleep. Now coffee is highlighted for its good properties. Coffee sharpens the brain. Some coffee brands even advertise that their coffee has antioxidant properties.

According to food chemistry specialists, it all depends on coffee bean roasting and on the way we prepare our drink. The less coffee is roasted, the more natural antioxidants there are in coffee because they get broken down by roasting.  However, more roasting research is needed to both optimize the content of antioxidants and at the same time limit the harmful acrylamide that is in coffee. Acrylamide has been shown to be carcinogenic in animal experiments. The substance is formed when food is fried, baked and toasted. The more browning of the food, the more acrylamide.

Experts say we can limit the amount of acrylamide by keeping an eye on how coffee is roasted. It is on the package. Lightly roasted coffee contains less acrylamide than dark roasted coffee. However, also in heavily roasted coffee types, the content of acrylamide decreases because higher temperature causes acrylamide formed by heating to decompose again. Sounds confusing! In any event, lightly roasted coffee and dark roasted coffee are therefore best in relation to acrylamide, medium is the worst.

Use a paper filter to protect yourself from cholesterol-like substances called diterpenes that can be harmful as they increase cholesterol. The substances can be seen on the surface of cold coffee as drops of oil that spread on a puddle. Drip coffee is preferred as cholesterol-like substances adhere to the paper when the coffee is filtered.

Some studies have shown we make fewer mistakes when we drink coffee. Coffee feels like a fix that makes the brain cells battle-ready and the caffeine in the coffee reduces the feeling of fatigue.  Literature has shown that moderate coffee intake reduces the risk of stroke, overall cancer risk, Alzheimer’s disease, suicide and depression. In reality, coffee is probably just a means of enjoyment and not entirely fantastically healthy.

When we meet up today, coffee occupies a significant place, but we should not turn coffee into a pacifier and think we can not function without it. Sensible use of coffee is always recommended.

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