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Nature seems soothing!

After a difficult spring in lockdown, summer has arrived and with it a gentle opening of British Columbia. For most, spring was a stressful time. Life has changed to something we have never experienced before. With physical distancing and good hygiene essential and ongoing, we can respectfully now take advantage of what British Columbia does so well. Nature!

Nature is spacious, safe and makes no demands. Studies in Scandinavia confirm that a high percentage of us are positively affected by being in nature. When stressed, we prefer the sounds of water, animals and pristine nature.
Green is good for the soul.

When we are stressed, it is especially the sound of water, of animals and the experience of the unspoilt, mysterious and untouched nature that soothes us.

Gardens and parks can equally be a place for stress relief.

Nature can be like a good friend that can embrace you if you are uncomfortable or stressed. Nature does not require us to pay any special attention to anyone except for “keeping the distance” to other people and respect for nature itself.

Nature stimulates us and our senses so that we can, for example, feel if we are chilled or if the wind is blowing in our hair, but not an alarm that put us on alert and makes us stressed. The weather and nature, on the other hand, teach us how to accept situations we are not master of.

Enjoy your summer safely.

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