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Stress and Mindfulness

If you mind is filled with thoughts of Covid-19, work from home, children at home and other changes that came about a few months ago, relaxation and mindfulness exercises is a good way to destress.

Mindfulness has its roots in the Buddhist tradition and is briefly about experiencing the world, itself and its thoughts and feelings as they are. Or put in another way: to be present right here and now.

For those of you who suffer from stress or feel pressured in everyday life, mindfulness means that you can, through certain techniques, learn to shift and acknowledge and accept that you are currently out of balance.

Relaxation is an exercise in feeling your body, but the activity of the brain is also affected when you focus your attention on the quiet and present moment.

Choose a time in the day when you have the time to relax. You can do it sitting or standing, just not somewhere you associate with sleep. The most important thing is that you relax.

When you do practice mindful relaxation, you slow down the activity in the centers of the brain that cause you worries. Your blood pressure and the amount of stress hormones decrease, and the body begins to digest nutrition better. All of which has a healing effect on your body.

In addition, the amount of dopamine, the happiness hormone, increases. This counteracts the feeling of stress and gives you energy and courage for the rest of the day.

Like much else, mindfulness has to be trained. This is equivalent to getting in good shape on your bike by actually using it. It is not enough that we know what mindfulness is, it must also be practiced.

In addition to formal workout with relaxation or meditation exercises (there are many online options), choose a time in the day when you have the time to relax. This is the most important thing. Turn off your phone and concentrate on being present right now.

There is also an informal workout consisting of practicing being present in everyday life. This can be, for example, when playing with your child, talking to a good friend or going for a walk in the woods.

When you’re mindful, you blend in with what you’re doing. You have the focus on this one thing and you are engrossed. It’s a very well-known condition, we’re just not aware of it.

Stay safe.

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